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LESSON 10- Pleased to meet you

There are two phrases you need to know when meeting someone for the first time. They are Hajimemashite and Douzo yoroshiku. Hajimemashite means "I am meeting you for the first time". It can also be used as a "How do you do?" or "I'm pleased to meet you" but you only say it the first time you meet somebody. Usually you combine it with Douzo yoroshiku unless it's just in reply. Douzo yoroshiku's literal meaning is "Please be good to me". It is usually used as a "How do you do?" though.
It is up to you whether or not you want to use them seperately or together, but usually the two are combined. The underlying meaning of the phrase is "I hope you will forgive me in advance for anything I may do in the future which may distress or offend you".
Here is how you would use it in a conversation. This is one where Hikari first meets Mitsuki.
Hikari: Konnichi wa. Dare desu ka.
Mitsuki: Konnichi wa. Watashi wa Mitsuki desu. Hikari san desu ka.
Hikari: Hai, Hikari desu. Hajimemashite douzo yoroshiku. [bows]
Mitsuki: Hajimemashite. [bows]
Since this is Hikari's and Mitsuki's first meeting, after saying hello, Hikari asks who Mitsuki is. Mitsuki replies with her name and asks if she is Hikari. Hikari replies yes and says "I am pleased to meet you". Mitsuki replies with just Hajimemashite. When meeting someone, as you know, you always bow.

Vocabulary Review
はじめまして Hajimemashite- for the first time, pleased to meet you
どうぞよろしく Douzo yoroshiku- Pleased to meet you

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