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LESSON 53- Is there anything you want?

The adjective for "want" is hoshii. Hoshii mono would be a thing, or things, you want, since mono means "thing". In English, the word "want" may be used as a verb, but in Japan, it is said differently. Instead of wanting something, a thing would be something that is wanted or desired. Also, nanika means "something". So if you wanted to ask if there was something you wanted, you would ask Nanika hoshii mono ga arimasu ka. Please note that you never use a particle with nanika.
Since this concept is fairly simple, let's launch into a conversation between Keita and Shinya.
Shinya: Keita-kun, kyou wa kaimono o ikimasu. Issho ni ikimashou ka.
Keita: Gomen nasai, Shinya-kun. Jikan ga arimasen.
Shinya: Sou desu ka. Watashi wa SUUPAA ni ikimasu. Nanika hoshii mono ga arimasu ka.
Keita: Hai. Yasai ga hoshii desu. ASUPIRIN mo hoshii desu.
Shinya: ASUPIRIN? Naze?
Keita: Atama ga itai desu.
Shinya: Sore wa ikemasen ne...
Keita: Hai.
Shinya: Ja, ima ikimasu ne.
Keita: Arigatou, Shinya-kum. Ja mata.
In this conversation, Shinya says, "Keita, today I'm going shopping. Shall we go together?" Keita replies, "Sorry, Shinya, I don't have time." Shinya replies, "Is that so? I'm going to the super market. Is there anything you want?" Keita replies, "Yes. I want vegetables. I also want asprin." Shinya asks why and Keita replies his head hurts. Shinya says that is unfortunate and says that he will go now. Keita says thank you and says "See you later."

Vocabulary Review
ほしい Hoshii- want
もの Mono- thing
なにか Nanika- something
アスピリン ASUPIRIN- asprin

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